US 5: Der Songtext zu "Rhythm Of Life"!

US 5 (v.l.n.r: Chris, Jay, Richie, Mikel und Izzy) schenken dir  50 Downloads ihrer aktuellen Single ''Rhythm Of Life''!
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Hier findest du den kompletten Songtext zur neuen US-5-Single "Rhythm Of Life"!


Verse 1 (Richie)

I understood the plan

I'm gonna be the man

( To change my destiny ? no doubt it´s plain to see )

One life is all we got

Don't let them make you stop

(Let´s fight for what is right - we´ll make it through the night )

Bridge (Alle)

Girls are you ready for it

Boys are you ready for it

Girls are you ready for LOVE

Chorus (Alle)

Don't let the rhythm die

Work your body to it

Don't let the music die

Put your soul into it


B- Chorus (Alle)

Shakin' it to the right - OOH

We're movin to it

Shakin it to the left - OOH

Just dancin to it

Shakin it to the right - OOH

We're movin' to it

That makes the rhythm of life

Verse 2 (Richie)

Last night I had a dream

It was a crazy scene

(Music was everywhere - The rhythm took us there)

People from all around

Made up a brand new sound

( They lived in harmony ? until eternity)




RAP (Jay & Chris anwers)

I never saw a crowd so into it

All the girls in the club get into it

You're not into it - get into it

Cause I never heard a crowd so into it

All the boys from around we down with it

Grab a girl on a floor - get down with it

You not down with it - get down with it

Everybody everywhere no time to quit

C-PART (Jay)

Now it's up to you

To make a change in life

So let it through

Just look inside your soul

And take control

No more denyin'

The rhythm of life